Rent a Jet Blast Deflector


Sometimes it is necessary to have quick access to jet blast deflectors, for only a limited time and without the need of purchasing a complete set. Especially, when maintenance on the apron is due, and workers and equipment at temporary work sites need to be protected from jet blast.

Our solution to accommodate this scenario: the Blast-Ex® Jet Blast Deflector for rent! We provide you with the required quantity of jet blast deflectors at 2,5 meters height, capable of deflecting airflow with speeds of up to 45 meters per second, including the mobile concrete foundations. These can be delivered to your premises on short notice and will stay at your construction site for as long as they are needed. Equipped with red position lighting, our rentable deflectors meet the same high Blast-Ex® standards as our complete product line.

This service is currently available for all German airports and for customers located in direct neighboring countries. Please feel free to contact us for further details.

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