Blast-Ex – Jet-blast Deflector Fences made in Germany

Blast-Ex coated Jet-Blast Deflector FenceBlast-Ex jet-blast protection fences provide safety for vehicles, pedestrians, airport facilities, other buildings and nearby public roads that may be subjected to jet-blast from aircraft maneuvering on runways, taxiways and tarmacs.

The Blast-Ex protection fences – either transportable or fixed mounted – are bipartite. There are several standard types available in our program, but since each airport has its unique characteristic, our fences can be custom designed to ensure proper height, strength and blast-deflection in respect of every individual case.

Blast-Ex jet-blast protection fences is a product initiated by Corvus Group GmbH, who is a sales agency for the manufacturer Ruhrtaler Stahl-und Behalterbau GmbH (RSB) with its offices in Dortmund, Germany.

Methods of functioning

Blast-Ex transparent Jet-Blast DeflectorsProp- and jet-blast of parking or manoevring aircrafts not only cause high velocity winds, but might also cause Foreign Object Damage (FOD). Blast-Ex jet-blast protection fences therefore protect people, facilities and objects on or around the airport by reliably deflecting and slowing down jet-blast.

Blast-Ex jet-blast protection fences can withstand blasts at speeds of up to 300 m/s and, at the same time, temperatures of up to 500 °C.

Design and Material

Blast-Ex protected airport facilitiesBlast-Ex protection fences are manufactured in Germany from construction steels, stainless and heat resistant steels and, in special cases (to protect ILS/Localizer antennas and other NAV/COM equipment), from glass fibre reinforced plastics.

Blast-Ex protection fences are hot dip galvanized during the production process. The powder coating is applied directly after galvanizing. The usual need for sweeping (roughing up the surface of the steel) is thus not necessary. This duplex coating process also produces an excellent and durable color finish.