Developing efficiency before it becomes measurable

jet blast deflector efficiency

At the beginning of every construction, there is a thought, an idea and some key figures. Followed by sketches, drawings and schemes. Once this development has been completed, the production can start.

In the case of our Blast-Ex® Jet Blast Deflectors we are adding one additional step before the production phase. We digitally simulate the airflow. Thanks to this visualization, we can directly see if our design is as efficient as intended, or if we need to add some minor adjustments in order to raise efficiency even more.

A computer based model can show the force and the behavior of jet blast, in front and behind our deflectors. It shows where pressure cushions are building up and where we need to optimize our design, in order to avoid them. We are able to visualize the degree of the jet blast deflection before our deflectors are built.

This practice is not only interesting for new projects, but also it is interesting for customers with existing jet blast deflectors. We provide a corresponding study as a service product. Checking the efficiency of your existing deflectors and making their degree of deflection visible, helps with decision finding regarding modernization.

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